Ribbons n Rainbows Event Center

Had a wonderful day playing at Ribbons n Rainbows Event Center yesterday.  Although we were hoping for a little warmer weather so we could shoot more outdoors… it was windy and chilly out so we spent most of our time inside.  But, this is one of the very reasons that this location is so amazing.  So many venues look good inside… or look good outside, but rarely both.  Ribbons n Rainbows offers amazing locations to shoot inside and out – so in the off chance you have to suck the wedding inside.. you would still get amazing images.  Jessica Miller came up to model some dresses and get us some test shots to use at this beautiful new venue for our upcoming Bridal BOOTCAMP on April 1st, 2012.  I had never photographed at this venue and wanted to have some images to show the brides to be – so they had a vision of why this location would be a great place for their wedding.

Personally… we didn’t even get to scratch the surface and I’ll definitely be going back when the land greens up and we can shoot in the fields with the stark skyline area and also a beautiful mountain backdrop.   The cropping of trees, paths and the anticipation of getting an amazing sunset and rainbow shots (hence the “rainbow” in the name) get me just giddy for my next shoot there.

For a potential bride, I would give this location very high ratings.  Gorgeous views, beautiful interior… a water-wall, fireplace, fire-pit outside and little ponds-fountains-bridges…. and I could go on and on.   You may feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere… and the best thing about that is you won’t have sound restrictions and you don’t have to compete with other events going on.  When you book the location you have the entire property to use.

Dresses you see were provided for us by Blushing Bride Colorado!  They are also a must visit if you don’t have a wedding dress yet.  I LOVE Danielle, her shop and her staff – all amazing!

2 thoughts on “Ribbons n Rainbows Event Center

  1. Jeanine has the most amazing eye for Bridal photography. The venue is absolutely gorgeous and I plan on having my 5 year wedding renewal at this venue with the help of Jeanines amazing team!!!


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