Hollywood inspired: beautiful, sexy, strong… with a little bit of attitude.

Hollywood glamour has so often been replaced by lifestyle imagery – and while it may have stepped out of the way over the years, there is no doubt there is still an attraction to the glitz and glamour of old-school Hollywood style images.  There is something so rich, clean and beautiful about them.  So when Samantha Koch of Lady Charm Artistry asked if I would be interested in photographing some Hollywood inspired images – I didn’t have to think twice.  There is nothing better in my mind than going back to the rich images that are so classy and beautiful.

Danielle from Blushing Bride in Windsor, Colorado provided us with some gowns to match the inspiration – and you will see even the popular magazines have been sporting the rich look of Hollywood lately.  Besides.. who doesn’t want to play “red-carpet” dress up and look their finest once in awhile.  Although – I have to say – it wasn’t hard to photography these beauties today.  Jordan Chappell and Jessica Gates where AMAZING!!!!  We had a last minute venue change that would take too long to explain… but EVERYTHING happens for a reason, and when I called up Mark from Hotel Teatro in Denver and asked him to use the hotel he welcomed us and I have to say a huge THANKS…. because these images are all perfect for what we were going for.

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