So this past week has been very exciting and my mind is exhausted from all of the ups and downs and FINALLY a great end with signing for three years at our new location. The next three weeks we are at the complete mercy of getting everything signed off on at the new location and then moving from our old studio to the new location the SECOND we get the ok to move in.

This week we will be doing a walk through at some point to get a few more customizations done to our space – and hoping to start moving sometime next week.

So please, please, please I personally ask for your patience during the transition time. The end goal is to be completely up and running full steam by June 1st, 2012! Then sometime in July you can look forward to a grand-opening – open house BBQ. I’m going to be running some amazing deals in the month of JULY 2012 to make up for our three weeks of down-time right now. It is necessary for the move… but I guarantee that all my clients will be SO EXCITED when they see the new space. It is SO worth the wait!


Jeanine Thurston

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