The sneak peek.

So, cell phone in hand here is the sneak peek of our new studio space.   Obviously there will be quite the transformation after construction is complete… but, we are so excited to have all our clients and friends come visit when we get all moved in!

Photograph by: Jeanine Thurston

Photograph by: Carl Simpson

Photograph by: Carl Simpson

3 thoughts on “The sneak peek.

  1. THAT is one awesome building. The style, the colors and especially the exposed interior brick. I’ll bet you will be very happy there!


  2. I look at all the repointing that has to be done on the brickwork—but see no reinforcement. Do you have earthquakes in Denver? Out here we’d never be able to buy it without all kinds of sheering and steel reinforcement done, prior to any remodeling! Nice Digs!


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