BABY Jack tab blankets

SUPER happy to say that I’m now carrying Baby Jack tab blankets at our new studio in Denver.  Both my kids LOVED their tab blankets – in fact they wore them completely out because they carried them everywhere.  They are super soft and have the great sensory tabs and nice and small so your kids can tote them around without taking up much room at all.  If you are interested, we will have some available at the studio or if you see one of the designs here that you like, call me and I can let you know if I have it in stock and can also take orders over the phone or online.  Any questions: (720)566-9770 or e-mail us at
baby Jack blankets are all handmade ribbon tab blankets. They are baby/child size.Each blanket has 1 looped ribbon attached for clipping toys or a pacifer and the rest of the ribbons are sewn shut to create “tabs”. This is to prevent from easily popping off after normal wear & tear and to prevent safety issues like getting little fingers caught.
They are PERFECT  perfect baby shower gifts!
General Information

Please wash on cold delicate & tumble dry solo to prevent from shrinking. Ribbons may fray and stray after normal wear and tear so please moniter children carefully!

$23.00 + tax (& shipping)

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