Need some great images to match your amazing recipes that you have on your food blog?

Post your blogs here, and then ask people to like your post.  Whoever gets the most comments for their blog will get three of their creations photographed by Jeanine in December – and three images to use for their blog or marketing.  We will stop counting votes on December 1st.

The winning blog can supply me with three recipes that will be cooked and styled, and then photographed by Jeanine Thurston and as a little bonus, they will get a copy of the new MUY BUENO Cookbook (photographed & signed by Jeanine and Yvette).


2 thoughts on “POST YOUR FOOD BLOG HERE.

  1. One of my favorite recipes is my olive oil sauteed chicken bites. Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces. Then using my favorite spice, sandwich sprinkle (from penzys, it’s really good.) You sprinkle that and a little bit of cracked pepper over the chicken. Then douse the pan with olive oil and saute them until they are cooked all the way through. You should probably add some more spices while your cooking. Then through a paper towel on the pan. (careful not to let it touch the stove and then mop up all the oil. Serve on pasta and it’s ready to go.
    This dish is delicious. I cook it for my family all the time, everyone I serve it too loves it.


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