MY STYLE sessions


Over 25 years in the industry and I’m here to tell you – there are only so many ways you can spice up a studio session on a plain background over and over again.  Clients are becoming well aware that their portraits need to mean something.  Their children should have a fun experience during a photo-shoot.  Most of all – parents need to enjoy it as well and let go – because the best photos are the ones with children being themselves.

Away with cheese – leave it for your wine.

It’s time to play, live, love and have professional images that show us how we were and who we were during our amazing childhood.  And not just your iPhone photos – professionally styled portraits that you want to put on canvas and hang on your walls.  Because the iPhone photos may stay on your computer way too long to appreciate.  An album or a wall portrait is something you use to recollect those feelings and moments all the time.

Professional Styling by: Nicole from Worthwhile Style                                                           Solid wood A-frame tent by Function 4 Design


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