2011 MUY BUENO Calendar countdown


In 10 days or less the MUY BUENO Calendar will be available for sale.  For any of you that have been following our posts or the MUY BUENO COOKBOOK blog, I’m sure you have been waiting in anticipation of the MUY BUENO COOKBOOK to be published sometime in 2011.  So, we wanted to relieve some of your anxious energy by creating a 2011 calendar with 12+ recipes for you to start with.  It is the PERFECT holiday gift, birthday gift… and well “Just because I love you” gift to any “foodie” out there that loves Mexican food or loves cooking.  It is a full color calendar with brilliant images tempting you for what is to come in the MUY BUENO COOKBOOK.  So make your list – your family, your friends, your employees, your boss… anyone that you just can’t seem to figure out what to get.  And it could make a great stocking stuffer too.

What could be better than sharing in some cooking, maybe some drinks, and great conversation with family and friends over the holidays.  You could make a night of it – have a party over it, and well…. dabble in some authentic Mexican recipes that have been passed along for over three generations.

Keep your eyes peeled here for the calendar release no later than November 15th, and order  right away for your holiday gift giving.  Discounts will apply the more you buy – so you get more for less!

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