Red Rocks Wedding


November 6th, 2010 – the weather raising to a balmy 77 degrees for a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony for Devyn and Joey.  Every has to admit, you are taking your chances when you plan an outdoor ceremony from October on… but it was an amazing day!  The bridal party all arrived… and then in high heals, the girls proceeded to hike down to behind the stage for some portraits.  The kind and loving words from their friends and family at the reception had many faces drawn to tears, and smiles on the entire crowd.  With a very proud sister looking on as her little sister exchanged vows, and Joey’s brothers just as happy.  I’m sure there were some sore calves the day after, from the hike up and down – and a few looks at me after the ceremony hoping I wouldn’t make them do the hike again… we finished up at the top after the wedding and then a super fun reception and dance. The flowers were beautiful fall colors provided by Statice flowers, and they had an amazingly beautiful cake too!

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