Things you may not know about me.

15 Things you may not know about me.

1. I was born a cheesehead – and that can be never taken away once given.

2. I have identical twin younger brothers.

3. Hate wine but LOVE champaign… gotta have the bubbly to make me like it.Image

4. I hate mushrooms 99% of the time

5. I started working at Godfather’s Pizza when I was 16 (almost 17)…  yes, I was too young… yes they still hired me – and I got heckled for not being able to use half the machines and mixers because of it.

6. My first medium format camera was an RB67 (first 35mm was some Nikon,lol can’t remember which one), 2nd was a RZ67, 3rd Bronicas (a hand full of them), and then Mamiya 645s… until I made the leap to digital… Canon every since.

7. I use to be a painter – all oils.

8. In addition to visual arts/photography degrees.  I also have a BS in Child Psychology and an MBA in Marketing

9. It has to be a good one, but my favorite pie is blueberry – and I’ll pass up about any other pastry or cake for a good pie anytime.

10. I am totally split personality…. 50% of me wants to sit by myself watch a movie, the other 50% of me wants to constantly travel and explore.

11. Favorite food: seafood… scallops, crab legs, lobster. 

12. I would take a warm cozy fire in a cabin over being out in the snow… but if I have to be in the snow – I will be the one stomping in water puddles and making snow angels.

13. I can cook… but unless someone will clean it up – I would rather go out for dinner.

14. I hate putting puzzles together.

15.  I LOVE people that know how to play, get dirty, and try to make everything fun.  I refuse to be an adult.