Kelly, Matt & Ella


I was so happy to see Matt & Kelly this morning.  I’ve photographed for their families for a few years now and I photographed their wedding out in California a few years ago too, so I was so excited to meet Ella their daughter.  She is beautiful! Ella2tears I fell in love with a lot of images, but the one here with the tear on her cheek is not what it would seem.  While many times we have to work between toddlers being upset about one thing or another, this image was simply a product of the cool morning this morning – and yet the way she was looking at me for this shot just breaks your heart.  I could say it was because we took her baby doll away from her or her sippy cup (which happened later in the session) but reality is “just timing.”  Ella3

The image here in the tree however was Ella’s location of choice.  With her persuasive way, she had mom & dad climbing the tree too… but in the end she was the one happiest perched there.Ella5

Then of course, it is hard not to notice what a “daddy’s girl” little miss Ella is – she is so sweet on Matt it just makes you smile.  And, she constantly had an eye out so she knew mom was close.Ella6Ella4Ella7 You have to love mornings like this photographing with people that are so happy to be a family.Ella8

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