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Vita Denver: P.E.I. Mussels

As many of you have seen this year, I’ve been photographing a lot of food lately.  Although I’ve been photographing food, commercial and product photography for over 2 decades – 2010 has been an amazing year for food.  With the 2011 MUY BUENO calendar out for sale now, and the MUY BUENO COOKBOOK being published in 2011 we have been continuously photographing old and new recipes for the calendar, book and blogs.  In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph for some amazing new clients this year  like Vita and 1515 and Blue River Bistro – to name a few.

What will 2011 bring?  Looking forward to so many things I don’t know where to start.  We will be having a book release party for MUY BUENO, I’m working on a photography book that we have planned for publish late 2011 or early 2012, and a couple photography classes I’ll be teaching also at the end of 2011.  This of course in addition to photographing for my wonderful clients.

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Some amazing websites and blogs that we have been very proud to be featured on this year:


Always a great time for family portraits.

From retro to classic, indoors and out – there really isn’t a bad time for family portraits or portraits of your children.  Each session can be custom to whatever you love most at the moment.  It’s ALWAYS a good thing to indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.

For some really special packages you don’t want to miss, please visit our November 2010 Fototails Newsletter.  We have some great holiday gift ideas, including some unbeatable gift card offers.

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Murray Family - 2010

The Denver Foundation – PRESS RELEASE

For Immediate Release: November 11th, 2010


Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack

Muy Bueno Cookbook


Delicious Recipes + Generous Gift to the Community

Muy Bueno Calendar to benefit The Denver Foundation

(Denver, CO)  Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack, author with her sister and mother of the upcoming calendar and cookbook titled Muy Bueno: Three-Generations of Authentic Mexican Flavor, and Jeanine Thurston of Fototails Photography announced today that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the calendar  will benefit the Strengthening Neighborhoods Program of The Denver Foundation.

Marquez-Sharpnack wrote Muy Bueno with her sister Veronica Gonzalez-Smith and their mother Evangelina Soza.   To be published in 2011, the cookbook will take readers south-of-the-border for down-home Mexican comfort food with time-tested favorite family recipes and treasured food traditions. Stories are intertwined with each recipe, as the authors take you through a cultural history and their family background. Both daughters and mother have joined forces to bring you all that is “Muy Bueno” from three generations of cooking — the old world, the traditional and the modern world.

For those who are interested in sampling the recipes before the book is published, Fototails Photography has created a 2011 calendar including 12 recipes with brilliant images.   “What could be better than sharing in some cooking, maybe some drinks, and great conversation with family and friends over the holidays.  You could make a night of it, have a party over it, and dabble in some authentic Mexican recipes that have been passed along for over three generations,” says Thurston.

To order calendars: You may go to or directly to:

About The Denver Foundation and Strengthening Neighborhoods: The Denver Foundation is a community foundation that inspires people and mobilizes resources to improve life in Metro Denver. The Denver Foundation has three roles: stewarding an endowment to meet current and future needs for Metro Denver, working with community leaders to address the core challenges that face the community, and managing over 800 charitable funds on behalf of individuals, families, and businesses.

Strengthening Neighborhoods is The Denver Foundation’s grassroots neighborhood development program. SN helps residents of ten partner neighborhoods use their existing strengths and assets to make their communities better places to live.

For more information visit:

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Fototails and Muy Bueno Cookbook partner with Denver Foundation

I know we have been sending out teasers to let you know about the sale of the 2011 MUY BUENO calendar – with full color photos and 12+ recipes and what is even better is we have partnered with The Denver Foundation to donate a portion of the proceeds from each calendar sale to their Strengthening Neighborhoods (SN) program.

Strengthening Neighborhoods (SN) is The Denver Foundation‘s grassroots neighborhood development program. It is a grant making program that helps residents in 10 struggling Denver neighborhoods improve their communities “from the inside out.”  The Grants help pay for resident leadership training, and community projects such as food pantries, tutoring programs, neighborhood gardens, and school safety patrols.  They have also helped with park and school cleanup, among other projects.  If you are interested in learning more about this innovative program, please visit their website at and click on Strengthening Neighborhoods.

We could not be happier to be making the MUY BUENO 2011 calendar and have it play a roll in supporting our Denver community.  In just a few more days it will be available for sale online – details to come.  We will also post other locations where you can purchase the calendar very soon!

Thank you so much for following the progress of the MUY BUENO COOK BOOK and the soon to be released 2011 MUY BUENO calendar too!  It is a great gift for family and friends, and we love that every calendar you purchase will also help our Denver communities.

THE MUY BUENO CALENDAR: 12 month calendar featuring some select recipes that will be in the MUY BUENO COOK BOOK.  There are full color photos for some amazing recipes for you to “test out” on your Mexican cooking adventures.  It highlights both American and Mexican holidays that are commonly celebrated in the US – and is an amazing display that brings Mexican and American families together.  What could be better than sharing in some cooking, maybe some drinks, and great conversation with family and friends over the holidays.  You could make a night of it – have a party over it, and well…. dabble in some authentic Mexican recipes that have been passed along for over three generations.  And then… by the time you get through some of the great starter recipes in the calendar… before you know it,  the cookbook will be ready with even more to offer from recipes to amazing stories to pour over.

Red Rocks Wedding


November 6th, 2010 – the weather raising to a balmy 77 degrees for a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony for Devyn and Joey.  Every has to admit, you are taking your chances when you plan an outdoor ceremony from October on… but it was an amazing day!  The bridal party all arrived… and then in high heals, the girls proceeded to hike down to behind the stage for some portraits.  The kind and loving words from their friends and family at the reception had many faces drawn to tears, and smiles on the entire crowd.  With a very proud sister looking on as her little sister exchanged vows, and Joey’s brothers just as happy.  I’m sure there were some sore calves the day after, from the hike up and down – and a few looks at me after the ceremony hoping I wouldn’t make them do the hike again… we finished up at the top after the wedding and then a super fun reception and dance. The flowers were beautiful fall colors provided by Statice flowers, and they had an amazingly beautiful cake too!

2011 MUY BUENO Calendar countdown


In 10 days or less the MUY BUENO Calendar will be available for sale.  For any of you that have been following our posts or the MUY BUENO COOKBOOK blog, I’m sure you have been waiting in anticipation of the MUY BUENO COOKBOOK to be published sometime in 2011.  So, we wanted to relieve some of your anxious energy by creating a 2011 calendar with 12+ recipes for you to start with.  It is the PERFECT holiday gift, birthday gift… and well “Just because I love you” gift to any “foodie” out there that loves Mexican food or loves cooking.  It is a full color calendar with brilliant images tempting you for what is to come in the MUY BUENO COOKBOOK.  So make your list – your family, your friends, your employees, your boss… anyone that you just can’t seem to figure out what to get.  And it could make a great stocking stuffer too.

What could be better than sharing in some cooking, maybe some drinks, and great conversation with family and friends over the holidays.  You could make a night of it – have a party over it, and well…. dabble in some authentic Mexican recipes that have been passed along for over three generations.

Keep your eyes peeled here for the calendar release no later than November 15th, and order  right away for your holiday gift giving.  Discounts will apply the more you buy – so you get more for less!



Time for the yearly holiday breakdown!  Less than two months until Christmas, and if you are like me at all…. you may not have even thought of what you will be doing for holiday gifts & cards this year.  There is still time to get some portraits of your families or children to use for gifts and for cards this year – but with Thanksgiving only a few weeks away… that time will slip by very quickly.

Some deadline dates for you:

Print orders: Order by December 7th to get them in time for Christmas – while we may be able to get orders to you after that date, there are rush fees involved so to avoid… get those orders on or before December 7th, 2010!

Canvas orders: Order no later than December 2nd please.  Large canvas prints that are bigger than 20×24 please order by November 28th, 2010.

Albums… through Pictage you may be able to order as late as the 1st of December… but please call them to make sure.  Wedding album orders with a custom layout can’t be processed in time for the holidays from this point on.

Holiday cards… STILL PLENTY OF TIME TO ORDER, but get those orders in no later than December 10th, 2010 so you can get them back and have time to mail them out.

Digital files: Digital file orders we can get to you for download within 48 hours up until 3 days before Christmas if you need to print up something very last minute.

I’ll adjust these deadlines along the way if our pro labs happen to adjust any times that give you more time – so keep checking back.

Please call us or e-mail us to set up a session!!! Would love to do a session outdoors, or in our beautiful Ravens Nest studio in Denver.

Remember what it’s like to be a kid. Win a free portrait session.

What it feel like to be a kid.

I couldn’t help but post on this image before I’m even done editing the entire session.  This – to me at least – is what I remember it feels like to be a kid.

*You wake up in the morning thinking of all the things you want to do.

*You run – and when you run… it is always as fast as you can.

*When it is cold, your teeth feel cold because you are smiling so much.

*The woods is your favorite playground because it is open for endless exploring and adventure.

*Finding crawling things is the best thing on earth… salamanders, lizards, snakes, frogs.  For some kids… maybe you preferred lady bugs & butterflies… I grew up more like a tom boy in the woods. lol.

*Your cheeks are almost always rosy.

*Holidays were magical, and summers were nearly endless.

*Being snowed it was the best thing on earth, because it meant you got to make tunnels through the snow (I lived up north… so “feet” of snow were a regular thing.

Now it’s your turn.  Post the first thing that comes to mind that made you smile when you were a kid.  I get to pick my favorite out of anyone that posts before Dec 1st, 2010 and that person gets their next portrait session with me for free.

🙂 Time to to think about being a kid!

Wall portrait displays in your home

I know sometimes it can be very difficult planning your portraits for your walls.  Now, you can see what framed prints and clusters of prints may look like in a bedroom, nursery, dinning room, above a fire place or sofa – before you decide what sizes and shapes you want to order for your walls.  Here are just a couple of samples of how to mix it up for a nursery.  Then, next time you just can’t decide what to order for a room or wall – let us give you a sneak preview based on print sizes and shapes!

Photography of your children and family on your walls is so important.  It is a great way for them to reflect on different times in their lives and feel the importance of being a family.  My oldest child Eric always goes around the house saying “Mom, do you remember that? When you were holding me when I was a baby?”  It is a wonderful way to share memories, experiences and feelings and also gives them a feeling of security.