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I wanted to take a minute to introduce Andrea Cordova and Bridal Bootcamp.  I talk to a lot of brides who all seem to chatter about dieting for their big day, and I think this is such a good alternative – and it produces great results.  Please visit her website at SLIM DOWN FOR THE GOWN!

The Ultimate Bridal Package by Sysbro Fitness offers an exciting 12 week exercise, health, and nutrition program for future brides and anyone wanting to lose weight and feel great!  We are on a mission to help brides and grooms jump start their new lives together feeling strong, sexy and confident!  It is our goal to create an effective health and weight loss program for the individuals committed to Sysbro Fitness in Northglenn.  It is important to us that each person receives special attention which is why we limit the class sizes to 12 people per class.  At Sysbro Fitness, we understand that achieving quick and effective results is of great importance to our members, so we focus on muscle confusion when designing our exercise programs, reassuring members that they will not plateau, but improve with each week!  The Ultimate Bridal Package is more affordable than personal training and members receive more personal attention than they would working out at the local gym.  We offer our brides and grooms more than health and nutrition; each month after breaking a major sweat during workouts, our members enjoy a salon visit where our partners pamper them helping them look as good as they feel!  Although this program is only 12 weeks long, it is a part of our mission to coach the current members well enough so they can easily continue on the correct path to health and wellness and live happily ever after.

Give them a call for more details today at (720)934-7157 and follow them on twitter at @slimdwn4thegown


More importantly, it gives you a boost of confidence on your wedding day so you feel as beautiful as you look!


3 thoughts on “Bridal Bootcamp by Sysbro Fitness

  1. How great! I didn’t realize there were things like this when I got married! I’m 7 years in on my marriage but I could use a bridal bootcamp to whip me into shape!!


    • Jenny, truly you don’t have to be getting married (congrats on your 7 years and going!) If you’re just looking to get a great start to the summer, and you would like all the added perks give us a call!


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