What was GOOD in your day today?


So, lets be completely honest. When someone asks “How was your day?” You may get a

1. It was pretty good

2. It was ok or it was fine

3. or you get the complete vent about everything that was wrong.

My kids started asking this question and I heard my husband answer once that it was a tough day, and I decided that maybe we in general are just asking the wrong question?

I agree we all need to vent and have a lot of life frustrations, but sometimes the open ended how was your day can lead to a not so positive recollection of what actually happened.  Am I right?  People tend to be able to list a lot of things that were just soso or not so good.


Why yes, this is a completely leading question.  It causes the person answering to think of at least one positive thing that happened during the day and possibly could shift their thoughts dwelling on the not so great stuff.  The second positive is that the person asking – who is usually someone that loves you very much can hear that life isn’t such a dark hole and that we all CAN actually find something positive in each and every day.

Just food for thought.

Now tell me.

What was good in your day today?


Happy Easter weekend!

One thought on “What was GOOD in your day today?

  1. Great advice! Perspective is so important in life…affirming all of the wonderful (& usually ordinary) little moments in a day makes life so much richer.
    A little more food for thought…There’s a powerful distinction between saying “I have to work today” and “I get to work today”.


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