What was GOOD in your day today?


So, lets be completely honest. When someone asks “How was your day?” You may get a

1. It was pretty good

2. It was ok or it was fine

3. or you get the complete vent about everything that was wrong.

My kids started asking this question and I heard my husband answer once that it was a tough day, and I decided that maybe we in general are just asking the wrong question?

I agree we all need to vent and have a lot of life frustrations, but sometimes the open ended how was your day can lead to a not so positive recollection of what actually happened.  Am I right?  People tend to be able to list a lot of things that were just soso or not so good.


Why yes, this is a completely leading question.  It causes the person answering to think of at least one positive thing that happened during the day and possibly could shift their thoughts dwelling on the not so great stuff.  The second positive is that the person asking – who is usually someone that loves you very much can hear that life isn’t such a dark hole and that we all CAN actually find something positive in each and every day.

Just food for thought.

Now tell me.

What was good in your day today?


Happy Easter weekend!

Model test shoot day – April 3rd, 2013


Throughout the year I photograph for commercial clients for various products as well as for new bridal lines.  I’m looking for faces to use over the next couple of years when projects come up.  I only use people for paid shoots that I have had at least one test shoot with – so I can recommend to clients from experience working with you.

If you are a model or looking to get into modeling, I’m taking test shoots on

Wednesday – April 3rd, 2013 from 10am-2pm.  

20 minute time slots. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

 I need you to come with make-up and hair done how YOU think you look best.  Dress in your own style head to toe, as I need to see your personality.  I will be taking a few head-shots and a few full body shots of each model.   I’m currently looking ages 16+ both female and male models, and couples as well.

Please contact me at jeanine@fototails.com to get a time-slot for your test shoot.  In your e-mail please put test shoot in the subject, attach a photo if you have one, and if you are under 18 years of age we need you to have a parent or guardian present to sign a model release at the time of the shoot as well.  Because of the limited spaces available that day please understand times will fill up quickly.

We will be releasing 2 digital images to each model within approximately 3 weeks following the shoot that may be used for modeling portfolios or websites of modeling agencies.

I don’t work again with no-shows. 24 hour cancellations please for anyone with an appointment time.

Test shoots will be held at our Denver studio.  We will forward directions and details once we have you in a scheduled time.

In honor of all moms out there.

You are a mom, maybe a wife, you are the glue of your family.  You climb mountains for your family – and for that – we thank you.


Tell a mom today “Thank you,” I love you, and give her a hug if you can.

Keep in mind mother’s day is coming up soon, but that is only 1 day out of 365 each year that she is working hard because she loves her family.  

Make her feel extra special whenever you can.


Wonder woman’s job

buy stamps
pay house payments
stock bathroom with toilet paper
stock rooms with tissue
clean sheets
make beds with clean sheets
vacuum carpets
pay water bills
tidy up every room every day
set up play dates
drive kids to music lessons
plan parties and celebrations
notice when you need new clothes
shop for new clothes
recycle old clothes
dust furniture
plan menu for the month
make shopping lists
buy groceries
put groceries away
keep lists of groceries we need
rotate food storage
clean litterbox
clean fishtank
replace shower curtains
sweep and mop floors
pay allowance
take you to library
organize toys and games
pay power and gas bills
put gas in car
pay car insurance bill
schedule dentist and doctor appts.
drive you to doctor appointments
wait with you through doctor appts.
plan fun excursions
make packing lists for trips
buy plane tickets for vacations
sort dirty laundry
wash dirty laundry
dry clean laundry
fold clean laundry
put away clean laundry
fill empty water bottles
turn off lights you’ve left on
open/close windows to keep house cool
plant garden
water garden
weed garden
water lawn
rake leaves
pick fruit from garden
notice when you need new shoes
shop for new shoes for you
recycle your old shoes
organize medicine and first air stuff
buy dental hygiene items
keep memorabilia of your life
take photos of your life
edit and print photos of your life
clean bathrooms
find petsitter when we go away
feed cats


feed fish
buy birthday gifts for you and others
wrap gifts
make jam
clip your nails
make desserts
make dinner
make breakfast
make lunch
clean up after meals
set the table
make bread or rolls
take you to the beach
help you take care of your body
renew your library books
work in the office
pay cable bills
pay phone bills
reserve campgrounds for you
notice when you need new pillow
buy you a new pillow (or mattress cover)
find a babysitter for you
write thank you notes on your behalf
put money into your college savings acct.
email your teachers
help you write talks
help you with homework
help out in your school classroom
organize and maintain 72-hour kits
make cookies
take you shopping to spend your money
remove wallpaper/paint rooms
make vacation books
reserve rental car for vacations
notice when you need new backpack
buy you a new backpack/lunchbox/etc.
read books to you
take trash out
put in new garbage bag
pack lunches
prepare after school snack
walk you to school
pick you up school
pay preschool tuition
pay health insurance bill
pay dental insurance bill
buy new cat/fish food and litter
run errands
mend your clothes/blankets
take pets to vet annually
help you plan Halloween costume
prepare Christmas lists
print Christmas cards
write and mail Christmas cards
put money in savings every month
keep your bedroom organized
sort through and donate things
reduce reuse and recycle
take you to playgrounds
arrange for you to visit museums
chaperone your field trips


After this she may also work a regular job too.


This is the short list to be honest… 



What tops your list? Wedding Vendors/Venues/Details.


Yes, I want to hear from you!  Tell me who/or what are the top 5 things on your list for wedding vendors/venues/details.  No particular order, I just want to know the 5 most important things you choose first to shape your wedding day. This is a poll, so we want to get as many responses as possible – so please pass this around to EVERYONE.  It doesn’t matter if you are not married, getting married, or already married – we want to hear your top 5! I’m not going to lead this with a list of options… i just want the top 5 things straight out of your head!

No vendor business names please – we want to keep it simple & no advertising.Thank you!

Here is your chance to help us get an accurate poll….Go…. and keep it going….


Things you may not know about me.

15 Things you may not know about me.

1. I was born a cheesehead – and that can be never taken away once given.

2. I have identical twin younger brothers.

3. Hate wine but LOVE champaign… gotta have the bubbly to make me like it.Image

4. I hate mushrooms 99% of the time

5. I started working at Godfather’s Pizza when I was 16 (almost 17)…  yes, I was too young… yes they still hired me – and I got heckled for not being able to use half the machines and mixers because of it.

6. My first medium format camera was an RB67 (first 35mm was some Nikon,lol can’t remember which one), 2nd was a RZ67, 3rd Bronicas (a hand full of them), and then Mamiya 645s… until I made the leap to digital… Canon every since.

7. I use to be a painter – all oils.

8. In addition to visual arts/photography degrees.  I also have a BS in Child Psychology and an MBA in Marketing

9. It has to be a good one, but my favorite pie is blueberry – and I’ll pass up about any other pastry or cake for a good pie anytime.

10. I am totally split personality…. 50% of me wants to sit by myself watch a movie, the other 50% of me wants to constantly travel and explore.

11. Favorite food: seafood… scallops, crab legs, lobster. 

12. I would take a warm cozy fire in a cabin over being out in the snow… but if I have to be in the snow – I will be the one stomping in water puddles and making snow angels.

13. I can cook… but unless someone will clean it up – I would rather go out for dinner.

14. I hate putting puzzles together.

15.  I LOVE people that know how to play, get dirty, and try to make everything fun.  I refuse to be an adult.



Bridal Bootcamp by Sysbro Fitness




I wanted to take a minute to introduce Andrea Cordova and Bridal Bootcamp.  I talk to a lot of brides who all seem to chatter about dieting for their big day, and I think this is such a good alternative – and it produces great results.  Please visit her website at SLIM DOWN FOR THE GOWN!

The Ultimate Bridal Package by Sysbro Fitness offers an exciting 12 week exercise, health, and nutrition program for future brides and anyone wanting to lose weight and feel great!  We are on a mission to help brides and grooms jump start their new lives together feeling strong, sexy and confident!  It is our goal to create an effective health and weight loss program for the individuals committed to Sysbro Fitness in Northglenn.  It is important to us that each person receives special attention which is why we limit the class sizes to 12 people per class.  At Sysbro Fitness, we understand that achieving quick and effective results is of great importance to our members, so we focus on muscle confusion when designing our exercise programs, reassuring members that they will not plateau, but improve with each week!  The Ultimate Bridal Package is more affordable than personal training and members receive more personal attention than they would working out at the local gym.  We offer our brides and grooms more than health and nutrition; each month after breaking a major sweat during workouts, our members enjoy a salon visit where our partners pamper them helping them look as good as they feel!  Although this program is only 12 weeks long, it is a part of our mission to coach the current members well enough so they can easily continue on the correct path to health and wellness and live happily ever after.

Give them a call for more details today at (720)934-7157 and follow them on twitter at @slimdwn4thegown


More importantly, it gives you a boost of confidence on your wedding day so you feel as beautiful as you look!


Reminisce. Your wedding day should always give you butterflies.




Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.
remember – recollect

Have inspiration meet romance for your wedding day.

Have your cheeks hurt from smiling so much on your wedding day.

Look at your new husband/wife on your wedding day and feel the butterflies

Then… don’t let anyone tell you to cut back or cut corners on your wedding day.  This is one of the most romantic and love filled days of your life.  You are starting a new path together and have a huge future filled with learning, living and loving.  There are ups and downs and all of it is part of living.  Create a wedding album of beautiful images that show reflection, love, laughter and your romance and butterflies for each other so that no matter how tough life gets – you can look back at your beautiful wedding images and feel it all over again.

Your wedding album should:

Make your cheeks hurt from smiling

Make you remember how many people shared the day with you and love you

Make you feel the butterflies you had on that day

Make you realize how important reminiscing is for you, for your family, for your children, for your friends for decades to come.

Your day is your day…



And feel all the love because you did it right with a team of experienced vendors that are there to make your perfect day something amazing to remember from start to finish.

Live. Laugh. Love your wedding!


Awhhhhh… Crepes!


I go on kicks of craving things now and then.  Crepes have been on my mind for awhile and when Karen Windness answered my shout out on Facebook yesterday I had to make them.  Why was I so afraid to make them before… good question.  Super easy.  As a bonus it allowed me to use leftover ham one more day by making them savory instead of sweet.



Crepes (good sweet or savory)
Recipe makes about 7 large crepes.
2 eggs
½ cup milk
½ cup water
1 cup all-purpose flour, sifted 
¼ tsp salt
2 TBS butter, melted (+additional butter for pan)
1. Whisk together eggs, milk and water. Gradually add sifted flour and salt to wet mix. Stir in melted butter.
2. Heat griddle to medium (we use a large, round, non-stick pan). Melt a small amount of butter in pan. Pour or scoop batter onto the griddle. (About 1/4 cup for each crepe.) Tilt the pan in a circular motion so batter is even and thin. 
3. Cook crepe for approx. 2 minutes. (Bottom should be light brown.) Flip and cook other side. Serve hot.

Savory option seen here(courtesy of leftover ham in the fridge)

1 egg scrambled, mexican crumble cheese , ham diced, green onions chopped, jalapeños diced, and some green salsa!

Sweet option:

Another option if you want sweet is Karen’s cream cheese sauce (GREAT with berries or lemon and brown sugar or nutella or…) 
2 parts cream cheese, softened (I usually use a half package)
1 part butter, softened
½ part powdered sugar (can adjust to your texture preference, thinner or thicker)
½ part milk
Beat together until smooth. Add a little bit of vanilla and dash of salt.



Left-overs for lunch.

Owning your own business, having a family with two children and a dog – I finally got a day home today and although I’m working like crazy, I’ve also been fighting to NOT get something to eat.  Ok, it’s brunch time I guess and I refuse to leave the house just to go to the store so the search for odds and ends to make a quick lunch ended like this:

2 whole wheat tortillas

1/2 of a fresh jalapeño pepper diced

4 sweet potato tots, thawed and mashed

Sharp cheddar cheese shredded

Mexican crumble cheese

1 slice of ham diced (leftovers from dinner last night)

Load one tortilla with all the fixins, and put it under the broiler for 1 minute then pop the other tortilla on top and watch it close… brown a little (about 1 minute) and boom… done – half way healthy and took 5 minutes


Now… back to my computer and editing!